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Living In These Times

Starting from the sudden pandemic with different waves, wars, the news, inflation, social media addiction and the rest. These times pumps your adrenaline and it’s so easy to live with anxiety today. The truth is, we’re all looking forward to when things will get back to normal. Unfortunately we don’t know when but it definitelyContinue reading “Living In These Times”

Look out for Yourself

Being an empath is something that comes with a lot of struggles. You always want to please others and make them feel good while you lose yourself. Because as an empath you feel what others feel. You carry the energy of others. It’s even worse when some people take advantage of that especially narcissistic people.Continue reading “Look out for Yourself”


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I Like writing down my thoughts and keeping a journal. And also, I’m a fan of good music, movies, TV shows and anime which I’d love to share and talk about it with others.

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