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What Self Love Actually Means to Me.

We’ve been thought to love ourselves but what does it really mean? In this post I want share my thought on this topic.

In this day and age people mistake self love for narcissism. The reality is, the narcissistic person sense of self-love is fueled by others or people’s validation. Social media is an easy way to identify these people. People who truly love themselves are sadly few and rare.

I think loving yourself means;

*You love yourself enough to love others

You can’t truly love others if you don’t even love yourself first. People that tend to be haters are actually haters of themselves. You can’t show others something you have no idea about. If you are hater, there is something wrong with your own self.

*You are mindful of what you feed yourself.

What you eat, watch and listen plays a major role in how you love yourself. Eating the right food at the right time shows how you love yourself. lot of people on social media come off as happy people who love themselves but behind closed doors, some are drug addicts, porn addicts, substance abusers to mention but a few which are detrimental to the human health.

*Validating your own self

You don’t need likes, opinions, approval or whatever to fuel you. Believe in yourself that you are enough.

*Getting to know who you truly are and why you are here.

Loving yourself will push to go deep within yourself to discover your potential that will enable you to know why you are here. If you don’t love yourself, your mind would be fixated on the external things.

*Accepting your unique path

If you truly love yourself as you claim you will love and accept your path as something unique. There is no way you will allow how others are doing with their lives get to you. A lot of people are haters simply because of how they are focused on other people’s lives.

I believe there are levels of self love and I see myself as someone with more room for improvement by applying what I’ve stated above. I hope you this post helps you too.

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