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Look out for Yourself

Being an empath is something that comes with a lot of struggles. You always want to please others and make them feel good while you lose yourself. Because as an empath you feel what others feel. You carry the energy of others.

It’s even worse when some people take advantage of that especially narcissistic people. I still struggle with this trait when it comes to my loved ones and family.

And you know why you are a people pleaser, I mean we know why we are people pleaser haha.

*We care about what others think.

*We are afraid to lose some people we love.

*We don’t want to come off as a bad person.

But I’ve come to realise even if you move mountains for some people, you will still not be appreciated. You will end destroying yourself because you can never impress some people and that’s the truth. They don’t even appreciate their own selves and how do you expect them to appreciate you? How!!?

To anyone reading this,Take care of yourself. The world needs you. The world needs what you’ve got to offer. Take care of your health, Eat well, put yourself first there’s nothing wrong with that. Disconnect from people who drain your energy.

2 thoughts on “Look out for Yourself

  1. I’ve always believed that you can’t light others’ candles if you first don’t nurture your own fire. So yes, definitely take the time for self-care, and not through bubble baths or massages either, but in tough love and doing what needs to get done. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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